"As a father and leader in my home, it is my goal to provide a legacy for my children and their children."

All together we have over 100 years of experience to share with you and help improve your personal and business life applications skills.

Would you like a worry free future for you and your family?

Wouldn't we all? We believe, you can have the future you want without the worry of what tomorrow is going to hold for you. The Living the Abundant Life team is dedicated to helping you achieve your future hopes and dreams.

"I'm intent on living a life free from the oppression of debt and worry."

Living The Abundant Life Financially

by Cheri Reichard

This book examines what the Bible says about financial prosperity in the context of John 10:10. It includes both spiritual and practical principles for managing personal finances.

God's Plan For Abundant Living

Spiritual and Practical Life Application Skills for Increase

About Us

John S. Reichard
Vice President, Living The Abundant Life

Cheri Reichard
President, Living The Abundant Life

William G. F. Connell II

Director, Living The Abundant Life

Jesus came to preach the gospel to the poor. 


The first step in living the abundant life is to know that God does not want us to be poor. He wants us to have abundance to meet all of our needs, provide a legacy for our children, help others and build the Kingdom of God.

In Partnership

Pastor Arthur Ledlie 

Director, Living The Abundant Life

Living The Abundant  Life (Michigan) has partnered with key ministries:

The Bridge Networks

  • Dedicated to personal and corporate Kingdom of God advancement
  • Marketplace Ministry Training
  • Organizational Development

Gathering Friends for TLC

  • Interdenominational group of Christian women with a passion to help other women.
  • As instruments for God, we can change our community by fostering a culture in which women love one another.

Cornerstone Business Services

  • For Profit and Non-Profit business startup
  • Book keeping services 
  • Business consulting and turn around assistance

For more information on these ministries and services, please email us from the contact page.

Relevant Reading

Lynda Liebrock

Secretary/Treasurer, Living The Abundant Life